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Daily Action: Stop The #TrumpTaxScam


Sen. Dianne Feinstein
DC: (202) 224-3841
LA: (310) 914-7300
Sen. Kamala Harris
DC: (202) 224-3553
LA:  (213) 894-5000

Sample Script:
Hello, my name is __________, and I am a constituent of Senator ___________'s in _______________, California. I am calling to thank the senator for standing strong against the Republicans' tax bill, and to urge her to do everything possible to stop it from passing -- including withholding consent for all Senate business to proceed in order to slow the bill down. This tax bill will give massive cuts to the wealthy, paid for by stripping hundreds of thousands of Californians of their health care and raising taxes on our middle-class families. For myself, the Republicans' bill would... (YOUR STORY HERE). It's time to pull out all the stops to make sure this bill doesn't pass. Thank you!

Senate Republicans are barreling toward a vote on their version of a tax cut that will slash corporate rates permanently, but will leave a large percentage of middle- and working-class families and individuals paying more taxes than they do now. The Senate bill also ends the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, which will send insurance rates skyrocketing and result in up to 13 million people losing access to health coverage.

Please help kill this bill by engaging in these actions:

  • Phone our California senators, thank them for standing against the bill, and urge them to use every lever possible to stop the bill from reaching the floor -- including withholding consent on all Senate business to slow down the chamber's activities.
  • Use Indivisible's peer-to-peer calling tool to reach progressive voters in red states, and urge them to call THEIR senators to oppose the bill.