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Daily Action: California to Require Presidential Tax Returns

Contact Your State Senator:
Henry Stern: 
(916) 651-4027
Hannah-Beth Jackson: (916) 651-4019

Short Script:
Hello my name is _______ I am one of Senator ____________ constituents in ____________, California. I'm calling about a bill, SB149, that would bar a future presidential candidate from appearing on a general-election ballot if he/she has not publicly disclosed tax returns for the five-year period preceding the election. For example, if Donald Trump does not disclose his returns prior to the 2020 election, he could not be on California's ballot for president. I'm asking you to co-sponsor or at least support this bill. Can the Senator do that?

Background Information:
Effects of this bill becoming law, apart from the obvious (either Trump lets us see his returns, or he's left off the ballot) include the pressure it would place on down-ballot Republicans in CA to force Trump to capitulate, or else suffer massive down-ballot losses themselves. Additionally, passing this measure here would encourage other states to do the same. This measure is being pushed by the Ballot Access Project ( Here are the details of the bill.