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Daily Action: Tell CA’s Attorney General to Fight Trump on Transgender Rights

Contact California Attorney General Xavier Becerra: (800) 952-5225

Short Script:
Hello my name is _______.  I am a constituent in ____________, California. I'm calling to encourage Attorney General Becerra to fight back against President Trump's decision to rescind President Obama’s guidance on transgender rights, including the right of students to use facilities corresponding with their gender identities. I am asking the Attorney General to affirm that he will not allow Trump-administration guidance to encroach on California’s legislated commitment to transgender equality, established in 2013. I also would like him to do everything possible to support Gavin Grimm’s lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court, and consider filing another lawsuit on California’s behalf under Title IX of the education code, and the 14th amendment’s guarantees of equal protection under the law.

Today’s Daily Action, from Indivisible: Conejo's LGBTQ rights Action Team, is a phone call to California’s new Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, asking him to fight back against President Trump’s disruptive and cruel decision to rescind federal guidance on school policies directing equality for transgender students in the use of facilities that correspond with their gender identities. While doing so, Becerra should affirm California’s commitment to transgender equality. Trump announced on Wednesday that he is rescinding Obama’s guidance to public schools under Title IX, the federal law on sex discrimination. California has its own law ensuring equality for transgender residents and students: AB1266, which was signed by Governor Brown in August 2013.

The rights of transgender students are about to go before the Supreme Court, in the form of a lawsuit initially filed by a transgender boy, Gavin Grimm, against the Gloucester County, VA, school board. That case will be heard in late March, with a decision expected in June.