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Stop H.J. 40!

Action Item #1 for this rainy Monday: As many of you know, last Wednesday the House voted to repeal an Obama-era rule that prohibited individuals with severe mental illness from purchasing firearms. These are individuals who suffer from severe mental illness.

It will come as no surprise that Rep. Julia Brownley (CA-26) and Rep. Ted Lieu (CA-33) voted "no" on this bill, while Rep. Steve Knight (CA-25) voted "yes." Depending on your location, we're asking you to call your representative and either thank her for voting against this bill, or SPANK him for voting for it.

You can get all of your representatives information on our Representatives Pages. But quickly:

  • Rep. Brownley's phone numbers are (202) 225-5811 (DC) and (805) 379-1779 (Thousand Oaks).
  • Rep. Lieu's numbers are (202) 225-3976 (DC) and (323) 651-1040 (LA).
  • Rep. Knight's numbers are (202) 225-1956 (DC) and (805) 581-7130 (Simi Valley).

The Senate still must approve this change before it can go to the White House for a signature. Unfortunately, because it's a regulation rollback, it is not eligible for the filibuster. We can count on California's senators to vote against the change -- but if you have friends and relatives in red states whose senators might flip on this issue, please ask them to make calls as well!