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Daily Action: Ask Our School Boards to Create Safe Havens for Immigrants

NOTE: We encourage you to engage with school board members thoughtfully and respectfully. Please be sure to phrase your emails in your own words, sharing a personal story or perspectives if applicable, while drawing on some of the arguments from the sample message if you'd like.

Good morning, Ms./Mr. ____________. My name is _______, and I am a parent/constituent in ________. I'm writing to ask you, and your fellow school board members, to officially designate our schools and other educational facilities as Safe Havens for immigrant students and their families.

Right now, thousands of families across California -- including dozens in our district -- live with a constant fear of harassment, detention, and even deportation. Many are even keeping their children home from school, afraid of any public exposure.  This new threat has implications for our schools as well: Principals, teachers and other employees now face questions about their potential roles in draconian enforcement policies.

That's why I'm asking our school board to declare that our schools will be free from any immigration enforcement activities; that they will promote diversity and inclusion at all times; and that they will protect our most vulnerable students from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

I encourage you to examine the Sacramento school district's Safe Haven resolution as an example for our district's stance. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.




Conejo Valley Unified School District:
Mike Dunn:
John Anderson:
Betsy Connolly:
Pat Phelps:
Sandee Everett:

Las Virgenes USD:
Angela Cutbill -
Dallas Lawrence -
Lesli Stein 
Mathy Wasserman -
Linda Menges -

Moorpark USD:
Ute Van Dam -
Scott Dettorre -
Jeff Donabedian -
Nathan Sweet -
Robert Perez -

Simi Valley USD:
Bill Daniels -
Dan White -
Bob LaBelle -
Eric Lundstrom -
Scott Blough -

Oak Park USD:
Drew Hazelton:
Derek Ross:
Denise Helfstein:
Barbara Laifman:
Allen Rosen:

Oxnard Elementary SD:
Ernest "Mo" Morrison -
Denis O'Leary -
Veronica Robles-Solis -
Monica Madrigal Lopez -
Debra Cordes -

Oxnard Union SD (high schools):
Beatriz R. Herrera:
Dr. Gary Davis:
Karen Sher:
Dr. Steve Hall:
Wayne Edmonds:

Pleasant Valley USD:
Ron Speakman:
Bob Rust:
Debra Kuske:
Pat Fitzgerald:
Suzanne Kitchens:


Today, Indivisible: Conejo's Issue Action Teams on Immigration and Education are asking our members to follow yesterday's action with emails to some or all of the school board trustees in our communities. Earlier this month, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson urged school leaders throughout the state to declare their districts “safe havens” to protect immigrant children. As of early February, nine of California’s 25 largest school districts had passed resolutions declaring that they would protect immigrant children. However, most of the other districts across the state have not done so. Superintendent Torlakson recently has offered strong statements on the issue, saying, “I strongly disagree with President Trump’s recent immigration order and want to make sure that our students and families…feel safe and protected in our schools. California public schools welcome all students regardless of their heritage, religion, ethnicity, background, disability or sexual orientation."

Among the school districts that have passed Safe Haven (or similar) resolutions are Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Riverside, San Diego, Fresno, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and Stockton.