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Daily Action: Rally to Save the ACA with Indivisible: Conejo & SWAN!

LOCATION: Lynn Road & Janss Road, in front of Los Robles Hospital Center
TIME: 5-7 p.m.
BRING: Hand-held signs & a loud voice!

Today's the day! Indivisible: Conejo and the Suburban Women's Advocacy Network (SWAN) are co-sponsoring a rally celebrating the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act's 2010 passage, and protesting Republicans' efforts to replace it. The rally will take place at the northeast corner of Lynn Road and Janss Road, in front of Los Robles Hospital Center.

With the U.S. House of Representatives nearing a final vote on Republicans’ plan for “replacing” the Affordable Care Act with a legislative package expected to leave 24 million more Americans uninsured, Indivisible: Conejo and SWAN are joining progressives nationwide in celebrating the ACA’s achievements and opposing the GOP’s cruel and unworkable plans.

March 23 is the 7th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act’s signing by President Obama. It also is the day House Republicans chose for a final vote on their “American Health Care Act,” the initial step in their effort to repeal the ACA and replace it with measures more palatable to conservative legislators. The rally at Los Robles Hospital will celebrate the milestone passage of ACA — which was a major advancement in bringing fairness and inclusion to the nation's largely broken pre-2010 healthcare system. It also will offer fierce opposition to the Republicans’ plans, whose potential negative effects have been decried by doctors, hospitals, and insurance groups.