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Congressional Recess Primer: Net Neutrality

Daily Action: With Congress in recess, these two weeks offer opportunities to step back and educate ourselves on some of the issues that will dominate political discussion during the coming months.

Today's topic: Net Neutrality. President Trump's newly appointed FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, is meeting today with an industry group that represents Google, Amazon and other internet companies to discuss his plans to undo Net Neutrality rules that were put in place under President Obama. In place of the current rules forbidding Internet Service Providers from favoring some content firms over others, Pai wants ISPs to "voluntarily" regulate themselves.

The outcome could be that larger, wealthier firms will pay ISPs for higher-bandwidth, "fast-lane" access to our web browsers, while smaller content providers will find it more difficult to attract business online. In 2014, the proposed Net Neutrality rules attracted national attention and 4 million comments to the FCC; Pai's changes likely will attract even more protest after they are made official later this month.

Indivisible: Conejo's action teams on Science & Technology and Press Freedoms/Net Neutrality encourage our activists to learn more about the subject, as we prepare to fight for an Open Internet in the weeks to come. Here are some articles that will help bring you up to speed (pun intended):

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