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Daily Action: Defy Trump -- Affirm California's Values!

Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin: 
(916) 319-2044 (Sacramento)
(805) 482-1904 (Camarillo)
(805) 483-4488 (Oxnard)
Assemblyman Richard Bloom:
(916) 319-2050 (Sacramento)
(310) 450-0041 (Santa Monica)
Assemblyman Dante Acosta:
(916) 319-2038 (Sacramento)
(661) 286-1565 (Santa Clarita)
Assemblywoman Monique Limon:
(916) 319-2037 (Sacramento)
(805) 641-3700 (Ventura)
(805) 564-1649 (Santa Barbara)

Short Script:
Hello! My name is _______, and I am a constituent of Assemblyperson ____________'s in ____________, California. I'm calling to urge her/him to support S.B. 54, the California Values Act. I also hope she/he will support SB6, to fund attorneys for immigrants facing deportation, and SB31, which will block our state's participation in any database of Muslim residents in the U.S. Immigrants are our friends and neighbors, and contribute an enormous amount to our local economy. Our Muslim population must be allowed to live their lives in peace, without fear of harassment by the Trump regime. It's time we prioritize the safety and security of the residents of our district, not those who wish to round up and deport law-abiding immigrants, separate parents from their children, or discriminate on the basis of religion. Our local and state law enforcement officials should not be deputized, and no state resources should be used, to enforce the draconian policies of the Trump administration. The assembly should send a message to Trump that we won't let him betray our values of embracing diversity and respecting our neighbors. Thank you!  

S.B. 54, the California Values Act, passed the State Senate on Tuesday and now moves to the Assembly. The bill was introduced last fall as statewide legislation that will build upon the decisions of numerous California localities to declare themselves "sanctuary cities," prohibiting their own law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal authorities in enforcing Trump's immigration policies. The State Senate also passed SB6, which will create a legal defense fund of $12 million to assist immigrants facing deportation proceedings, and SB31, which prohibits state and local agencies from disclosing personal information to the federal government regarding a person's religious beliefs for the purpose of creating a database.

Our local assemblypersons have not committed themselves in either direction on the three bills, which counter Trump's moves toward implementing his campaign promises to deport millions of immigrants and single out Muslims for discrimination. Labor, religious and civil rights groups have hailed the bills.