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Daily Action: We're Going Over Irwin's Head - Call Governor Brown & Tell Him to Get Ready to Sign S.B. 54!

  • Starbucks 540 North Ventu Park Road Thousand Oaks, CA, 91320 United States (map)

Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
(916) 445-2841  (Sacramento)

(Short Script)
Hello! My name is _______, and I am a constituent of Governor Brown's in ____________, California. I'm calling to urge him to support S.B. 54, the California Values Act by speaking out in favor of the bill, and signing it if and when it comes across his desk. The bill's amendments have clearly ensured serious offenders will be deported - now it's time to have faith in due process. I do not want local police to be part of Federal immigration work. If my neighbors are afraid of speaking to police about crime, then they will be victimized and criminals will go unpunished. That doesn't make anyone safer. He has a duty to protect our community. Please tell him we stand with our migrant neighbors, and we want him to do so, as well, by rejecting the Trump administration's draconian immigration policies and signing S.B. 54. Thank you!

BONUS: Called the Governor? Feel free to revisit Monday's Daily Action Item and mention your call to the Governor when you call Assemblywoman Irwin's office according to Monday's script.

Remember when you call to be very polite to the staffers with whom you speak - they could be a high school intern who goes to school with your kids (not theoretical - some interns do go to school with our kids). 

Governor Brown needs to hear we want this bill passed. He's hearing from anti-immigrant activists every day about it, and if you've been to any of the protests at Assemblywoman Irwin's office, you know how vicious and racist they can be. The bill is on track to pass on party lines - with the upsetting exception of our Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin. We're going over her head while we continue to make sure she knows we're watching her vote. It's time to prepare the ground for the Governor's signature. Knowing that we are planning for the bill's success will keep Irwin on the defensive on her failure to support it.

A reminder that S.B. 54 would ban local and state agencies from using state resources to cooperate with federal authorities in enforcing Trump's immigration policies, with exceptions for the sharing of information about violent and serious felons. The bill would require state agencies -- not merely law enforcement, but all others that interact with and collect information about California residents -- to ensure they are not collecting more personal information than necessary to perform their duties and provide services.

Governor Brown has stated his support for our immigrant neighbors in the past, as in his "Meet the Press" interview in March when he said "I’m not going to turn over our police department to become agents of the federal government as they deport women and children and people who are contributing to the economic well-being of our state.”' This is a reassuring view, and we must remind him of its truth.

Indivisible: Conejo activists need to show the Governor that there is strong sentiment in favor of the California Values Act in our predominantly caucasian area, and that support for the measure is not limited to Hispanics.