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Daily Action: Tweeting Our Way to #Sanctuary


@ASM_Irwin -- Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin
@sheriffgdean -- Geoff Dean, Ventura County Sheriff
@calsheriffs -- California State Sheriffs Assn.
@CalChiefs -- California Police Chiefs Assn.
@GPDChief -- Ed Medrano, President, California Police Chiefs Assn.
@ICEgov -- Immigration & Customs Enforcement
@JerryBrownGov -- California Governor Jerry Brown
@NancyEMcFadden -- Nancy McFadden, Executive Secretary to Governor Brown

Sample Tweets:

  • .@ASM_Irwin  Immigrants are your constituents, too. Support them, already! Standing w/ CA values = voting for #CAValuesAct. #wearewatching
  • .@ASM_Irwin Don't stand w/ Trump. Stand w/ your constituents in west AND east county! Support the #CAValuesAct. We're watching closely.
  • .@sheriffgdean Defend our CA values of inclusion & compassion! Don't be complicit in Trump’s persecution of our families. #CAValuesAct
  • .@sheriffgdean Get the @ICEgov office out of Ventura Co jail! Support the #CAValuesAct & end your collaboration with draconian Trump admin.
  • .@CalChiefs are opposing pro-immigrant #CAValuesAct. Are Police Chiefs w/ immigrant communities or w/ Trump? cc @GPDChief Ed Medrano
  • .@CalChiefs say they protect communities, what about protecting them from Trump's deportation machine? @GPDChief stop opposing #CAValuesAct!
  • .@GPDChief must end entanglement w/ @ICEgov &  @CustomsBorder! Stand up against Trump’s hate: He & @CalChiefs must support #CAValuesAct.
  • .@CalChiefs @GPDChief say they want to protect communities. But, they take anti-immigrant position on #CAValuesAct:
  • While @LAPDChiefBeck joins in support of #CAValuesAct, @CalChiefs and its President @GPDChief Medrano are full force undermining the bill.
  • .@JerryBrownGov, CA can continue to lead the way in protecting our immigrant communities, pls support #CAValuesAct! Cc:@NancyEMcFadden
  • .@JerryBrownGov, CA cannot afford to fall behind in protecting our immigrant communities, pls support #CAValuesAct! Cc:@NancyEMcFadden
  • CA must lead the way against Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. @JerryBrownGov, support #CAValuesAct, protect immigrants! cc: @NancyEMcFadden
  • .@JerryBrownGov, in Trump's America, CA needs immigrant protections beyond #TRUSTAct standard! Support #CAValuesAct! Cc: @NancyEMcFadden! 

As the California Values Act (SB54) continues to move through the state assembly, its principal opponents are the California Police Chiefs Association and the California State Sheriffs Association. The Act would limit the ability of state and local agencies, from courts to libraries to schools to providers of welfare services, to share information with the federal government for the purposes of immigration enforcement. Law enforcement is affected as well, though the bill includes provisions that allow for ICE to be notified 60 days before a violent or serious felon is to be released from prison.

Ventura County's state assemblymember, Jacqui Irwin, still has not committed to support (or oppose) SB54. Her primary influence continues to be her ties to county Sheriff Geoff Dean, who opposes the legislation and has argued against it using a series of falsehoods (concerning both the bill's consequences and his own behavior), as well as stances that don't reflect the will of Californians. Meanwhile, Governor Jerry Brown's position on SB54 remains a mystery -- and his lack of public support is providing cover for the bill's opponents.