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Daily Action: Urge Collins & Murkowski to Finish Off Trumpcare!

Sen. Susan Collins:

(202) 224-2523 (DC)
(207) 780-3575 (Portland, ME)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski:
(202) 224-6665 (DC)
(907) 271-3735 (Anchorage)

Indivisible's Virtual Phone Bank:

Sample Script:
Hello, my name is __________. I am calling to urge the Senator to get off the fence and oppose the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. The bill if, if anything, even worse than the one that the senator rejected over the summer -- and the kickbacks offered by Graham and Cassidy to attract the senator's support make it even more cynical and unworkable in the real world. Every major doctors group, hospital group, and health advocacy group opposes this bill and believes it would do enormous damage to our healthcare system. Please trust those experts, listen to the American people who oppose it by overwhelming numbers, and reject this bill! Thank you.

In their increasing desperation to drum up support for their bill to turn the Affordable Care Act into a disastrous (and ever-shrinking) program of block grants to the states, Senators Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy have their bill this weekend -- adding sweeteners (i.e., kickbacks) for Maine and Alaska in hopes of awakening any latent cynicism within Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Of course, these changes make it even less possible for the Congressional Budget Office to offer detailed guidance on the bill's effects before Republicans' Saturday deadline for avoiding a filibuster.

Sen. Lindsay Graham and Sen. Bill Cassidy will headline a hearing in the Senate Budget Committee today at 11 a.m. PDT -- an event intended to slap a patina of "process" on the GOP's rush to pass the bill. That effort already failed to convince Sen. John McCain, who announced his opposition to the bill on Friday. But even with McCain and Sen. Rand Paul (KY) against it, the bill continues to head for a vote later this week unless either Collins or Murkowski comes out in opposition.