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Daily Action: Support SB 54 in Sacramento & the Conejo Valley!

Governor Jerry Brown:

(916) 445-2841
Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin
(916) 319-2044 (Sacramento)
(805) 482-1904 (Camarillo)
(805) 483-4488 (Oxnard)
Assemblyman Richard Bloom:
(916) 319-2050 (Sacramento)
(310) 450-0041 (Santa Monica)
Assemblyman Dante Acosta:
(916) 319-2038 (Sacramento)
(661) 286-1565 (Santa Clarita)

Short Script:
Hello! My name is _______, and I am a constituent in ____________, California. I’m calling to ask Governor Brown/the Assemblymember to support a strong California Values Act, SB 54, in its most visionary form. We cannot use California’s resources to help the Trump administration deport our community members. Making California a Sanctuary State is more important than ever, now that Trump has rescinded protections for hundreds of thousands of Dreamers in California. Thank you!

SB 54, the California Values Act, is coming down to the wire -- a state Assembly vote will be held sometime before September 15, and after it passes Governor Brown will have until October 15 to sign it. The bill would make California a "sanctuary state" by limiting cooperation between state and local agencies with federal immigration enforcement -- with carve-outs for law enforcement to inform ICE when a felon convicted of a violent or serious crime is about to be released from prison. Though SB 54 seems to have enough votes to pass the Assembly, Ventura County's assembly member, Jacqui Irwin, has yet to declare support or opposition. She remains heavily influenced by county Sheriff Geoff Dean, who is a leader of opposition to the bill among the state's law enforcement leaders -- who, in turn, are heavily supportive of immigration hardliners such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Governor Brown has raised concerns about the bill in public statements, leaving its fate unclear even after assembly passage. The California Sheriffs Association says it has been engaged in talks with the governor.