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Daily Action: Urge Companies To #BoycottNRA


  • Amazon. (via Tell Jeff Bezos to remove NRA TV from Amazon’s Streaming Service and website.
  • FedEx: (via Tell the world's largest overnight carrier to end its partnership with the NRA and its discounts for NRA members -- which the organization uses as a selling point when recruiting new members. Until FedEx joins in the boycott, change your shipping partners. Use UPS or USPS or DHL.
  • Streaming video services: (via Everytown/Moms Demand Action) Tell the major streaming services, including Google, Amazon, Apple, AT&T and Roku to cease offering NRA TV.
  • Healthcare, life insurance and other companies: This Google Doc lists about two dozen companies that are still partners with the NRA -- many of them healthcare-related firms such as LifeLine Screening and GlobalRescue, as well as life insurers such as Transamerica, AIG, Mutual of Omaha and Prudential -- and provides email addresses and website links you can use to encourage them to drop their blood-money ties.

Over the last two weeks, as anger toward's the NRA extremist stance on gun "rights" has reached a crescendo nationwide, numerous companies have ended their affiliations with the organization. As with the AARP, AAA and numerous other membership organizations, the NRA has a history of contracting with corporations to provide discounts for its members on a variety of products and service -- from hotels and airline tickets to NRA-branded life-insurance policies.

The list of companies that have stopped doing business with the NRA during the #BoycottNRA campaign is long and impressive: Delta and United Airlines; Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Budget and Enterprise car rentals; the First National Bank of Omaha, which offered NRA-branded credit cards; North American Van Lines and Allied Movers; and others.

As part of its increasing desperation to maintain its public stature, the NRA has leaned on federal and state governments to push back against these responsible corporate decisions. The lieutenant governor of Georgia, a 2018 gubernatorial candidate whose position as head of the state senate gives him inordinate power over the legislative agenda, has threatened to kill a proposed jet-fuel subsidy for Delta unless it resumes offering discounts to NRA members.