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Daily Action: Subpoena Recalcitrant Trump-Russia Witnesses

Sen. Dianne Feinstein

DC: (202) 224-3841
LA: (310) 914-7300
Sen. Kamala Harris
DC: (202) 224-3553
LA:  (213) 894-5000
Rep. Julia Brownley: 
DC: (202) 225-5811
Thousand Oaks: (805) 379-1779
Rep. Ted Lieu:
DC: (202) 225-3976
LA: (323) 651-1040
Rep. Steve Knight:
DC: (202) 225-1956
Simi Valley: (805) 581-7130

Sample Script:
Hello, my name is __________, and I am a constituent of Senator/Representative ___________'s in _______________, California. I am calling to urge the congressperson/senator to demand that the leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence committees stop allowing Trump-administration officials to skirt questioning about Trump's Russia connections. The Republican leaders of these committees become complicit in Trump's wrongdoing when they fail to serve subpoenas on witnesses who refuse to testify about the administration's actions. Trump is abusing the concept of "executive privilege" far beyond what even Nixon, Reagan or Bush did during their administrations' scandals, and the American people will not stand for it. Thank you!

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks testified for nine hours before the House Intelligence Committee -- and during that time she refused to answer a single question about anything that happened after Trump's inauguration. She failed, for example, to provide information about her role in drafting a misleading statement last summer about the June 2016 meeting between a Russian emissary and Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower. Hicks became the latest in a growing number of administration officials to provide testimony on events only up to the inauguration, and no further; they include Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former chief strategist Steve Bannon, NSA director Mike Rogers, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and former campaign aide Corey Lewandowski -- who never even served in the administration.

Only Trump himself has the right to claim "executive privilege" -- the concept by which discussions between presidents and their staffs can be kept confidential under certain circumstances -- but several administration figures have said they're refusing to answer questions in order "to protect the president's privilege." Democrats on the Intelligence committees have demanded that subpoenas be issued to compel the witnesses' testimony, but the Republican committee chairs -- Devin Nunes (Fresno) in the House and Richard Burr (NC) in the Senate -- have refused to do so. Their willingness to allow administration officials to skirt questioning reveals the Republican Party's complicity in obstructing justice in the Trump-Russia scandal.