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Daily Action: Protect Ventura County's Drinking Water From Hazardous Drilling

ATTEND BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING ON TUESDAY, APRIL 9, AT 3 p.m.: Ventura County Government Center, 800 South Victoria Ave., Ventura

Supervisor Steve Bennett:
Supervisor Linda Parks:
Supervisor Kelly Long:
Supervisor Bob Huber:
Supervisor John Zaragoza:

Sample Email:

Hello, my name is __________, and I am a Ventura County resident. I am writing to urge Supervisor __________ to support Supervisor Bennett’s proposal to temporarily ban new or renewed oil drilling using steam injection, near aquifers and sources of potable water, until an environmental impact study can be completed. I am concerned about the effects of high-pressure drilling on the water Ventura County residents drink and use every day. The Board of Supervisors must take action to ensure that the needs of residents outweigh the interests of the oil companies. Thank you!


The United States Geological Survey has detected thermogenic gases in three water wells in the Fox Canyon aquifer, which stretches from north of Camarillo into Oxnard. The concentrations of gases register slightly below the flammable/explosive level. Meanwhile, county government bodies are weighing a proposal to drill 79 new tar sands wells near the Camarillo airport, without first undertaking an environmental impact study.

In response, county Supervisor Steve Bennett (District 1 - Ventura) is offering a motion to impose a temporary ban on new wells, or the re-drilling of existing wells, that use steam injection near potable water — stopping the Camarillo project until an environmental review can assess the impact of this high-pressure, high-temperature oil drilling process on our aquifers.

If it gains the votes of four supervisors, Bennett’s motion also would allow the county to develop a process for applying new conditions on old drilling permits.