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Daily Action: Take Our Push for a Gun Shows Ban to Sacramento!

Gov. Gavin Newsom:
(916) 445-2841
Email the governor using this online form

Sen. Henry Stern:
(916) 651-4027 (Sacramento)
(818) 876-3352 (Calabasas)
Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson:
(916) 651-4019 (Sacramento)
(805) 965-0862 (Santa Barbara)
(805) 988-1940 (Oxnard)
Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin: 
(916) 319-2044 (Sacramento)
(805) 482-1904 (Camarillo)
(805) 483-4488 (Oxnard)
Assemblymember Richard Bloom:
(916) 319-2050 (Sacramento)
(310) 450-0041 (Santa Monica)
Assemblymember Christy Smith:
(916) 319-2038 (Sacramento)
(661) 286-1565 (Santa Clarita)

Short Script for legislators:
Hello! My name is _______, and I am a constituent of Assemblymember/Senator ___________'s in ____________, California. I’m calling to urge her/him to support SB-281 — which would ban gun shows at the Cow Palace — as well as AB-893 banning firearms sales at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I would also like her/him to sponsor new legislation to ban gun shows at our Ventura County Fairgrounds. Guns should not be sold, and gun culture should not be promoted, on public property! Our region has seen too much gun violence already, and our children have begun to associate the supposedly family-friendly fairgrounds with the unnecessary deaths that are taking place in America’s schools, our own area’s entertainment facilities, and elsewhere. We need to find more positive ways to support our state-owned facilities than with the sale of weaponry. Thank you!

Short Script for Gov. Newsom:
Hello! I’m a constituent from ________________, California, and I’m calling to urge Governor Newsom to ban gun shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Even before the savagery that occurred at the Borderline in Thousand Oaks, we’ve been unhappy that our state-owned facilities are hosting gun shows, at a rate that matches the Cow Palace. Five of the eight members of our Fair Board don’t have the moral courage or interest to stop the shows on their own, and have punted this issue to the Governor. In response, we would like the governor to replace them with board members who will better represent our community standards, and who will lead our fairgrounds into the 21st century.

On Tuesday the Ventura County Fair Board voted 5-3 to approve three more Crossroads of the West gun shows at the fairgrounds through the end of the year — the last one occurring one week before Christmas. Dissenting board member Dan Long noted that he’d attended several gun shows since being appointed to the board in 2012, and had seen a decrease in both the attendance and the size of the shows. He noted that the Cow Palace in Daly City had voted to eliminate the shows starting Jan. 1, and concluded, “Things, I think, are changing.”

Banning gun shows in CA is not new. Two bills currently before the CA legislature, AB 893 and SB 281, would end such shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Cow Palace in San Francisco. In 1991, Los Angeles County stopped hosting the Great Western Gun Show, one of the nation’s largest, after 31 years – 22 of them at the Fairplex in Pomona.

The board voted to approve three more shows even though it had failed to complete and publish their promised analysis of the impact of these shows on the fairgrounds and the community, as it committed to do last fall. Instead, board members who voted for those shows said the question of allowing gun shows on public property is one that should be decided by the governor and/or legislature. The governor can do just that, by replacing current board members with ones who will respect the views of community members. And the legislature can end the shows with a new bill that Gov. Newsom probably would sign, based on his previous statements.

In addition to calling our legislators and Gov. Newsom’s office, we encourage you to attend a special meeting of the Fair Board, scheduled for June 27, where its ad hoc committee finally will present the board’s belated study on gun shows and a permanent policy is likely to be considered.