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Individuals with Disabilities' Rights Team Meeting

Indivisible: Conejo is proud to announce that Cindy Liu, a local advocate and mom raising a child with Down syndrome, is launching our newest Issue Action Team, Individuals with Disabilities’ Rights. You’re invited to come join the fight for justice and equality for individuals with disabilities.  

Among the team’s goals:

  • Stopping cuts and block grants to Medicaid
  • Education equality - IDEA, ESSA
  • Protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Mid-Term Elections - balancing the Conejo School Board

For our first meeting, our main objective will be to set our goals for the team.  Please consider goals for Federal, State and Local issues and be ready to share.

Below is the agenda:

  1. Brief introductions (15 mins)
  2. Share and Brainstorm goals (45 mins)
  3. Discuss next steps, identify action items, and timelines (45 mins)
  4. Assign and delegate leadership (15 mins)

If you haven't already, please review the indivisible Guide on Grassroots Advocacy found here:

Another good resource on Federal issues are from the Disability Policy Seminar, which can be found here: