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People's Climate March LA Harbor/Long Beach

  • Banning Park- Tesoro Refinery 1331 Eubank Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90744 United States (map)

Indivisible: Conejo will be attending the Ventura Climate March, but if you're interested, there is a protest in Los Angeles Harbor/Long Beach focused on the local issues with the expansion of the refineries in that area. We've included information for you, below.

PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MOVEMENT LOS ANGELES is organizing a mass mobilization at the Tesoro Refinery in LA Harbor, which is now undergoing a massive expansion to make it the largest refinery on the West Coast, by the largest greenhouse gas polluter in California, in the region with the worst smog in the nation.

When our communities are under attack what do we do? STAND UP and FIGHT BACK! 

Join the People’s Climate Movement this April 29th in Washington D.C and across the country to stand up for communities and climate. In Los Angeles, we’ll march in Wilmington (Los Angeles Harbor Area) to call attention to a massive merger/expansion of the Tesoro Refinery with BP Carson that has global climate change impacts.


1.    Rise up for Fossil Fuel Phase-out. Community Health & Worker Safety! 
Major fossil fuel expansion projects undermine Los Angeles’ and California’s sustainability plans for climate, health, safety and environmental justice. Frontline communities in Los Angeles are hit the hardest with impacts from climate change and have the worst air in the nation. Environmental justice is ensuring that we all have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and work in a safe environment. 

2.    Stop Tesoro’s major expansion & its dangerous Crude Oil Switch! 
Tesoro’s Los Angeles refinery is already the highest greenhouse gas polluter in the state and now they want to be the largest refinery on the West Coast. Tesoro wants to substantially expand refining capacity and also build an unprecedented 3.4 million barrels of additional storage tanks, almost doubling storage and accommodating the switch to high benzene crude oil. The expansion and crude switch increases health and safety risks and endangers frontline communities of Wilmington, West Long Beach, and Carson. This project is happening in the backyards of these communities. 

3.    Resist Tesoro’s proposed Bakken & Tar Sands Crude Oil Invasion to the West Coast and its connection to Dakota Access! 
Tesoro’s storage tanks in LA and its proposed terminal in Vancouver Washington would allow bringing 360,000 barrels a day of Dakota and Canadian crude by rail to Vancouver, and then by ship to Los Angeles and other West Coast refineries. This would break through the geographic isolation currently keeping high volumes of these dangerous crudes out of the big, coveted California market. Fracked, high benzene North Dakota crude releases toxics into air, water and land, it is highly explosive, and emits high greenhouse gases during extraction. Crude oil train explosions and spills have engulfed communities across the country. Tesoro is also connecting its High Plains and Great Plains pipelines in North Dakota to the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline which is threatening indigenous communities’ water. All these Tesoro plans hurt people in Canada, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon, and California.

4.    Build the Just Transition to a new green energy economy! 
Our children’s future demands that we transition off of dirty fossil fuels into clean sustainable energy including Zero Carbon transportation such as electric vehicles. With equity at the center of decision-making we can make a Just Transition for workers and community to lead and build our clean energy future for green jobs and much healthier communities. 

5.    Grow our Movement for Environmental Justice! 
We want real allies. We want people to get involved in the local, grassroots, community organizing happening in the Los Angeles region. We want our allies to show up after the march and continue to learn, understand, and help lift up the solutions residents have been fighting for. We want our allies to get involved with the frontline organizations and community here today. Get connected in Wilmington with Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) and Coalition for a Safer Environment (CFASE). Get connected with East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice in West Long Beach. Don't let this march be your last stop for taking action! 
The new administration directly attacks California’s work for solutions to climate disaster. It is up to us -- frontline communities and allies -- to take steps now to phase out fossil fuels completely. 

Supporting Organizations
350 Conejo/San Fernando Valley
Asian Pacific Planning and Policy Council (A3PCON) - Environmental Justice Committee
American Indian Movement (AIM) Southern California
ANSWER Coalition
Biodiesel Coop of Los Angeles
Burbank Green Alliance
California for Progress
California Interfaith Power & Light
California Nurses Association
Center for Biological Diversity
Citizens Climate Lobby - Pasadena Foothills
Climate Action Santa Monica
Climate Hawks Vote
Coalition for Educational Justice/Students Deserve
Communities for a Better Environment
East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice
Fight Climate Denial
Food & Water Watch
Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC)
Harry Bridges Institute/Just Transition Committee
Idle No More Los Angeles
Indivisible San Pedro
Long Beach 350
March and Rally Los Angeles
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Pacoima Beautiful
Planet Rehab
Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous People
San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice
Semillas del Pueblo
Sierra Club
SoCal 350 Climate Action
South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group
Tar Sands Action SoCal
Wild Heritage Planners