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Swing District/2018 Election Action Team Meeting

Swing District Team, you're needed - we're one year away from the mid-terms. Here's what you can do...

First, be at our 10/22 meeting to create our team's 365-day plan to take back the House. On November 6, we mark one year to the 2018 mid-term elections. Indivisible: Conejo's November General Meeting the weekend of 11/4-5 will feature the 365-day plans from all our Issue Action Teams - and we need a detailed, 52-week action plan that the organization will use to fight every Congressional swing district in California...and beyond.

Second, be a leader for our organization by signing up now to take action. Anger is good, action is better.

RSVP right now to phone bank to flip the Virginia State Legislature blue. This election is essential, both to protect Virginia's voters and the state's 13 Electoral College votes in 2020. We can't risk leaving this state in the hands of conservatives itching to gerrymander Virginia's congressional districts. Plus, help us elect another progressive Governor: governors are emerging as the last line of defense against radical Federal policies. Not a caller? Sign up here to HOST a phone bank

RSVP right now to register voters at the Simi Valley Democratic Club's 10/28 Day of Action! Your neighbors have been on the ground in our nearest swing district tipping the balance of voters to progressives - don't let them do all the work themselves! Do your part to get rid of Trump-enabler Rep. Steve Knight.

Thank you for your continued dedication to taking our country back - see you on the 22rd!