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Environment Action Team Meeting

Prior to the meeting, here is an rgent action step for us all, from the EPA/Regulations team.  Please submit your comments to the Department of the Interior right away:

On April 26, President Trump signed an executive order to the Department of the Interior to review the status of National Monuments.  Many monuments are now at risk, including several in California (see below), but the first to be reviewed in this process is Bear’s Ears, a monument designated as such in 2016.  Bear’s Ears is a treasure of over 100,000 Native American cultural sites in a location of tremendous beauty in southeastern Utah.  For more information, see the websites below.

The Department of the Interior has set up a very short review period.  To support Bear’s Ears, please write in your own words why this national monument matters to you, and post your comment here by May 26:

To support other National Monuments, including those in California, submit your comments at the same link by July 10.  In each case, be sure to specify which Monument/s you are writing to defend, and write as personally as you can about why they matter to you.  The list of all Monuments whose status is being challenged can be found here:


Links to groups working to save Bear’s Ears:

California Monuments on the chopping block:

ACTION: Write for Bear’s Ears right away, then keep it up with a "comment a week" on each of the California treasures under attack, OR even one each day for monuments across the U.S.