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No, No, Nunes! Voter Registration Drive Overnight in Fresno/Tulare/Visalia July 22-23

Come with Indivisible: Conejo and our cosponsors to help register voters in the 22nd California Congressional District - that's right, the district of the un-recusably awful Congressman Devin Nunes! 

We are launching overnight voter registration trips once a month at the invitation of Fresno Indivisible, the San Joaquin Valley Democrats, Central Valley Democrats, and the Tulare County Democrats. Why CA22? First, it has the lowest voter registration in California - and therefore has the most potential for new, progressive voters; and, second - did we mention this is the only way to get rid of Devin Nunes? 

If you helped recruit for or attended a campaign canvassing trip this past Fall to Las Vegas, you know that when we put boots on the ground, we can to flip a whole state (Nevada went blue in the Presidential election, and elected a Senator we campaigned for all Fall).  Imagine what we can do for a district! If you didn't have a chance to go to Nevada during the Presidential campaign, the general idea is to leverage progressives from bluer areas of California to lend strength to progressives in red areas. Our teams will be guided by local activists as we register new voters door-to-door. These new voters then become a part of the relationships we nurture over the next year to bring progressives to the polls in the 2018 elections. 

Fresno, Tulare and Visalia are hot, the work is tough, and the drive is long: but the ground game the only way to flip this district. Let's show Trump what #Resist # Indivisible really looks like!

Tentative schedule: Our carpools will leave Saturday at 5am from The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks. After we arrive, we'll train for an hour, canvass in teams of two for three hours, break for lunch, then canvass for another three hours. We'll have a locally hosted pizza party, then knock off for the night.You'll have the option of camping out at the Congregational Church for free or splitting a hotel room with another canvasser at a reduced fee. In the morning, we'll have a pancake breakfast, canvass from noon to 3, then head home.