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Protest an NRA Fundraiser at the Reagan Library

The local branch of the National Rifle Association has made a particularly despicable choice when it decided to hold its gala fundraiser this weekend at the presidential library for Ronald Reagan, a victim of gun violence whose 1981 assassination attempt permanently disabled his White House Press Secretary, Jim Brady. 

The Brady Campaign of Ventura County and Indivisible: Conejo are co-sponsoring a protest outside the Reagan Library preceding the fundraiser. We'll greet arrivals for the fundraiser at the corner of Olsen Road and Presidential Drive, with signs, shouts and all the disdain they deserve!

PLEASE NOTE: There is No Parking on the Streets near the Library. Please park at the Wood Ranch Shopping Center (525 Country Club Drive), located Country Club Drive and Wood Ranch Parkway. (The driveways into the center are on Country Club Drive.) It’s a 5- to 8-minute walk from the parking lot to the protest area. WE PLAN TO HAVE SHUTTLE CARS AVAILABLE BETWEEN THE SHOPPING CENTER AND THE PROTEST SITE, AS NEEDED.