Making Contact, The Indivisible Way

Indivisible: Conejo members translate our passion for advocacy, and for resisting the Trump agenda, into direct and effective action. Several times a week we post Action Items that offer opportunities for our members to engage their public officials on the most time-sensitive issues of the day – legislation that’s under consideration or nearing a vote, an important appointment that requires confirmation, an action by the president that deserves congressional condemnation, etc.

Some of these Action Items may require a phone call or two; others will be invitations to participate in bigger events, like a Town Hall meeting or a protest.  Many of the Items will arise from Indivisible: Conejo’s Issue Action Teams; others will be organized by local advocacy groups, or will come to us as emergency requests from activists from across the nation.

On this page are some tips for engaging with your elected officials in a variety of forums. We encourage you to participate in Indivisible: Conejo actions whenever you can – and to share your experiences with us afterward!