News from Indivisible: Conejo's Co-Founders


This is an exciting, but bittersweet time for Indivisible: Conejo. Our co-founder and Field Director, Jennifer Eis, has accepted a position with the political group Swing Left as Deputy Field Director for the Western United States. It’s a big job, coordinating the work of hundreds of groups working to flip the House in 2018 – and Jenny will have to step away from her work with Indivisible: Conejo in order to dedicate herself to the task.

“My fight will focus solely on taking back the House from the Trump-enablers in Congress,” Jenny says. “It’s the beginning and end of every battle we are in now -- because until we have the House, the Administration’s outrages will continue to go unchecked by the other branches of government.”

Jenny has been instrumental in our success from the very beginning. We likely wouldn’t have grown so quickly into one of the nation’s largest and most active Indivisible groups, with 1,800 activist members and a dozen Issue Action Teams doing all the terrific work they’re doing, if it weren’t for Jenny’s genius as an organizer. We also likely wouldn’t have the sophisticated swing-district operation she has helped spearhead, working to flip congressional and statehouse seats in California and across the nation.

Fortunately, while Jenny leaves us for bigger things this week, her legacy will continue to flourish. Indivisible: Conejo will continue growing as it has throughout its first nine months, offering Daily Actions, protests and public advocacy to resist the Trump agenda (and influence political decision-makers at the state and local levels). We’ll also maintain a strong focus on the work we’ll all need to accomplish before November 7, 2018, to make sure the next Congress is a progressive (and saner) one.

“The hardest part for me is leaving the members of our rebel alliance -- the kindest, fiercest, smartest individuals I’ve ever worked with,” Jenny says. “It’s been an honor to march alongside you, and I’m grateful to Jon and Gina for the phone call in January that invited me to help build this outstanding organization and to support the energy and passion of our activists.

“As each of you selects your battlestations for the coming fight, and as we get ready to win the 25th district and defend the 26th this coming year, please push yourself to commit a little more than you thought you could.  Participate in canvasses and phone banks; host a gathering for your fellow activists. It’s what we must do if we want to save this country from those who try to divide us at every turn. Let’s show them what it means to be Indivisible!”

We all wish Jenny the best in her new work, and we’ll be cheering her on (and lending a hand whenever and wherever possible) as we head toward next fall. In the meantime, stay tuned – Indivisible: Conejo is just getting started!