Two Weeks Indivisible

Welcome to the third week of Indivisible: Conejo.

It is difficult to believe it’s only been two full weeks since 200 of us met in the social hall of the Sri Venkata Krishna temple in Newbury Park. Our ranks have swelled to 900 on Facebook, and we have over 400 active volunteers (to become an active volunteer, submit your information on our Join Us page. Every day since our first meeting, we’ve spotlighted an action for our group to take to fight the agenda of the Republican Administration and the GOP Congress.

Here are some highlights of what our team has accomplished.

We’ve put boots on the ground at:

  1. Republican Rep. Steve Knight’s office in Simi Valley, on Feb. 1 and Feb. 7, to protect the ACA (…/post-election-activists-g…/97286330/);
  2. Los Angeles International Airport, in protest of the Muslim Ban (Feb. 3-5)
  3. The Stand with Our Muslim Neighbors unity event on Feb. 4 at the Islamic Center of the Conejo Valley, in Newbury Park (…/Fr…/SENDING_A_MESSAGE_OF_UNITY.html);
  4. The Stand with Planned Parenthood of Ventura rally on Feb. 11 at the Ventura County Hall of Justice

We’ve called the offices of Representatives Julia Brownley (D), Ted Lieu (D), Knight, and Senators Feinstein and Harris on issues ranging from the Republican Administration’s Muslim ban, protection of the ACA, the elimination of the Election Assistance Agency, repeal of gun safety laws, and this week’s Republican assault on peaceful undocumented migrants. We have conducted trainings for our team leadership and met with the leadership of other local Indivisible groups. Our fourteen Issue Action Teams have either already met or are preparing to meet; we are deploying team-specific collaboration tools like MailChimp; and we’ve launched, our group’s website (very special thanks to Jon Cummings and Dave Hampton).

We’ve also worked hard to keep track of our burgeoning email lists and worked to improve how we manage communications and privacy for all our members. Slowly, but surely, we are launching every one of our 14 Issue Teams into action, and we are starting to reap the benefit of many volunteers working together to fight on every front, every day, through the action items those groups develop for the larger organization. Examples of these are the our participation in the events at the ICCV and Planned Parenthood, our Freedom of the Press team’s News Accuracy policy (look for that this week), and cogent letters to the editor (for instance,…/Millions_at_risk_of_losing_h…).

In the next two weeks, we will implement call goals for our weekly activism, launch a tool to track when you accomplish a task like calling your representative, as well as email tools that let our teams collaborate without needing to share private emails.

Here are some upcoming events:

  • 2/18- This Saturday we hope to see you in support of Immigrant rights in Los Angeles.
  • 2/25- We’ll launch our first phone bank to help organize in a swing district as we aid Knight’s constituents in RSVPing for his March 3rd Town Hall.
  • 2/26- In response to your many requests, we’ll also have another full-group gathering, this time a coffee hour devoted to “Effective Activism at Visibility Events.” There will be time to reunite with old friends and make some new ones, while perfecting your activist skills.
  • Plus, watch for a “Can You Hear Me Now?” postcard-writing event directed at the hear-nothing White House.
  • And, of course, we will keep up the calls to our Members of Congress.

For information on these events, please be sure to return frequently to this website, as well as our Facebook page, and keep an eye out for email event invitations.

Thank you, deeply and profoundly, for your enthusiasm, ideas, time, and skills, as well as your kind patience with our efforts. Jon, Gina and I are working around the clock each day to live up to your passion to #RESIST. You are why Indivisible: Conejo is emerging as a force to resist the Republican agenda. We are seeing the difference in how strongly Congresswoman Brownley has been speaking out – that’s you voicing your support day after day as she takes a stand against the Republicans. We aren’t going to win every battle; but there’s room for hope, as long as we remain Indivisible.