Turning Enthusiasm Into Action

Occasionally it's worthwhile to lift one's nose from the grindstone, take a look around, and see what has been accomplished. Thanks to the passion for resistance -- and for participating in effective action -- so many of you have demonstrated over the last month, Indivisible: Conejo has become a thriving young organization. Our Daily Action on Monday drew more participants than ever before, and the success of this weekend's events capped an eventful February. Still, this is no time to rest; there is so very much work to do in resisting the Trump agenda, and restoring to this nation's government the values of fairness and inclusion that we hold dear.

That work must begin with you ... with all of us, and our common resolve to persevere through a struggle that promises to last years, and to offer as many disappointments as victories. The first step? Making sure that you have joined one (or more) of our Issue Action Teams, and are ready to participate!

Sunday's second General Meeting once again exceeded all our expectations, bringing 250 committed souls to the CLU campus. All the exposure we received from the meeting, and from the events that preceded it on Friday and Saturday, has driven participation spikes on both our Facebook page and our website. In the 24 hours following the end of Sunday's meeting, our website traffic doubled, and the number of signups using our "Join Us" link topped 50 -- easily the highest number since the day we first asked you to engage with us on the issues that resonate most with you.

More than 400 of you have now done so, as of Monday night. That's a fantastic number! But hundreds more of our Facebook followers have yet to complete that signup form. Our Issue Action Teams need all the participation you can manage -- both during their meetings and during the days and weeks between them. That's when we'll accomplish the research and brainstorming that result in the creation of effective Daily Actions and events for the entire membership. And those actions, those events, will constitute the bulk of Indivisible: Conejo's contribution to resisting Trump and defending our values.

Please, if you haven't done so already, click this link (you may have noticed I've repeated it a few times now!) and sign up for our Issue Action Teams. When you're invited to the next team meeting, or are asked to contribute your mental energy to the team's work, please participate to the full extent of your ability. Indivisible: Conejo's success depends on all of us working together, keeping our spirits high in this community we're creating, and turning our enthusiasm into action!

One more thing: If you attended Sunday's General Meeting, please take a moment to complete this form offering feedback on your experience, and letting us how we might improve our events in the future. Thanks!