Welcome to Indivisible: Conejo!

Five weeks ago yesterday, Gina Muscatel woke me with a text message at 6:58 a.m.: “What do you think about helping me start up Indivisible Conejo?”

Indivisible: Conejo co-founder Jenny Eis leads an Issue Action Team during the first Organizing Meeting.

It wasn’t until 6:59, after a quick Google search, that I had the slightest idea what “Indivisible” meant (at least in its 2017 context). Four hours and several cups of tea later, however, Gina had me hooked on the concept. And along with our similarly heartbroken campaign colleague, the organizer extraordinaire Jenny Eis, we set about imagining what form a Conejo Valley rendering of the Indivisible blueprint might take.

We didn’t imagine that 35 days later Indivisible: Conejo would have a nearly 800-strong Facebook following; an organizing meeting under its belt that attracted 200 enthusiastic activists (we had expected one-fifth that number); 14 thriving Issue Action Teams holding their first meetings; the attention of local media … and, as of today, a functioning website.

All credit for that last development must go to Dave Hampton, an early I:C adopter and all-around tech wizard who took on the gargantuan task of building this site with no promise of compensation apart from my – and hopefully your – eternal gratitude. After two weeks of enduring my endless tweaks and idiotic questions, here we are. Thank you so much, Dave!

For those of you who are just becoming acclimated to the Indivisible movement, and our plans for turning local enthusiasm for resisting the Trump agenda into direct, effective action: Welcome! Take a look around. Join our Facebook group. Join an Issue Action Team (or two, or five). And get ready to fight for America’s future…and America’s soul…because clearly that’s what’s at stake over the next several years.

While you’re settling in, here is some recent media coverage of the Indivisible movement, and Indivisible: Conejo specifically. Stay tuned to this blog page for more links and more commentary on our activities, from myself and others. #Resist!

Protesting in Simi Valley

Protesting in Simi Valley

Co-authors of the Indivisible Guide explore the movement’s provenance and promise:

From the Nation, “Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance”: https://www.thenation.com/article/your-guide-to-the-sprawling-new-anti-trump-resistance-movement/

Indivisible: Conejo’s first blast of daily-newspaper coverage: http://www.vcstar.com/story/news/local/2017/02/03/post-election-activists-get-louder-county/97286330/

The masterminds behind Indivisible explain its strategies for engaging public officials:

From The Economist, “Survival Guides forDemocrats”: