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Indivisible: Conejo Activists Join
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A May Day To Remember

A Message from Jennifer, Gina & Jon

May Day has carried many different meanings through the centuries, but this year its longtime association with workers' rights has taken on increased significance. With the Trump administration threatening workers on multiple fronts -- particularly immigrants, who comprise a significant fraction of Ventura County's workforce -- May 1 offers a natural opportunity to defy Trump and protest his policies.

On the other hand, our state legislature is moving forward on a number of efforts to assert California's values of inclusion and opportunity. So this May Day also serves as a time to celebrate our unity, and for immigrant workers and their supporters to demonstrate their resolve to remain a vibrant part of our communities -- not to mention a linchpin of our local economy.

All of those themes will be on display next Monday, when thousands of immigrants and activists -- Hispanic and white, documented and not, from all points on the economic spectrum -- will march across the nation. Indivisible: Conejo's proud participation in the Oxnard march (please RSVP) will commence a summer of action, both on behalf of those measures moving through our legislature and in opposition to Trump's agenda of wall-building and draconian roundups.

Throughout the next two months, our Immigrants' Rights action team will lead us through a series of actions -- public events as well as tasks we can accomplish from the comfort of our homes -- that further those ends. We've already asked you on numerous occasions to call legislators on behalf of the California Values Act, which will prohibit our state and local law enforcement officials from devoting manpower or other resources to helping Trump enforce his immigration policies. Other bills we've promoted will create a legal defense fund for immigrants who are threatened with deportation, and will impose punishments (including divestiture and a ban on state contracts) for companies that provide labor or materials for construction of a border wall.

The Immigrants' Rights team itself will be doing even more -- its members have a calendar full of events ranging from attending a forum on "Dreamers" to training as Detainee Witnesses, to participating in a workshop on self-protection for threatened individuals and families. If such activities resonate with you, please consider becoming more involved with the team! Activists who already participate in other teams can sign up for the IR team here. If you have not yet signed up for any of our action teams, please use this form

In this fight, however, there is nothing more important than showing public solidarity with the immigrants and other Hispanics in our community -- in our schools, in our parks, in our businesses and buying habits, and on the streets when necessary.

Most of Indivisible: Conejo's activists live in comfort, and without daily threats to our livelihoods and security -- a condition not shared by thousands of our fellow Ventura County residents. Trump seeks to use the immigration issue to divide Americans from one another. Meanwhile, in our diverse county -- and particularly in our bifurcated state assembly district, with its farms and agricultural industries to the west and its high-tech and white-collar businesses to the east -- our elected representatives assume that our interests and values in the Conejo Valley diverge from those in Oxnard and its surrounding farmland.

That's why our state assemblywoman, Jacqui Irwin, is a swing vote on the California Values Act and other measures. It's up to us to show her, by turning out and standing shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors, that we Californians -- regardless of our ethnicity or economic status -- value each other. It's up to us to join with those neighbors in their fight for their right to live in peace, and to call themselves Americans.

Our next opportunity to do that is on Monday, May Day, at Plaza Park in Oxnard. Please let us know you're coming, and if you'd like to share a ride. Let's turn out in force, and show that Ventura County is Indivisible! 

Mark Your Calendars!


News from the Issue Action Teams

Separation of Church and State
During its meeting on Monday, April 24, the team heard a presentation from John Suarez, a local resident who sits on the board of directors of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. He discussed the organization's history and current litigation & advocacy work. The team also discussed President Trump's draft Executive Order on "religious freedom," current church/state issues in the news, and the team's own recent activism concerning pastor/Thousand Oaks city councilman Rob McCoy. The team also voted to consolidate with Indivisible: Conejo's action team on Religious Discrimination.