Indivisible: Conejo Weekly Newsletter

General Meeting Preps Activists for Campaigns to Come
Training in phone banking, canvassing and voter registration, as well as instruction in effective communication via old and new media, dominated the agenda during Indivisible: Conejo's third general meeting on April 2. Pictured above, clockwise from the top:

  • Guest instructor Dillon Iwu, a veteran canvassing director and currently staffer for congresswoman Karen Bass' SeaChange PAC, offered a how-to guide for "deep canvassing" -- explaining how to win converts with a door-to-door, issue-based campaign. He also led training in voter registration.
  • Field Organizer Jennifer Eis led training in phone banking -- a skill that Indivisible: Conejo activists are putting to use this week, in service of congressional candidates Jon Ossoff (GA) and James Thompson (KS). See the calendar for details.

  • Communications Guru Jon Cummings led a discussion of effective advocacy via Letters to the Editor (old media) and Facebook/Twitter (new media) -- but not before hearing from economist and activist Ray Freeman.

  • A meet-and-greet with Issue Action Team leaders gave activists an opportunity to mingle with Swing District Elections team co-leaders Mary Anne Van Zuyle and Melissa Paul (bottom left), Jobs/Wages/Workers' Rights team leader Henry Montalvo (center left), and others.

Honing Our New Skills

A Message from Jennifer, Gina & Jon

Many thanks, and congratulations, to the 100-plus Indivisible: Conejo activists who dove into the nitty-gritty of campaign activism during Sunday's general meeting. It's hard to believe that, less than three months into the Trump administration, we're already gearing up to put our skills to work -- but such is indeed the case. We've already held our first phone bank for Georgia congressional candidate Jon Ossoff, who's running to replace new Health & Human Services director Tom Price, and Kansas Democrat James Thompson, who's hoping to replace new CIA director Mike Pompeo. We'll host three more phone banks this week, on Thursday in Oak Park, on Saturday in Camarillo, and next Wednesday in Thousand Oaks -- see the calendar at right for details. Then, on April 17 & 18, we'll be hosting day-long Get Out The Vote (GOTV) phone banks for Ossoff. Please pick a shift and help us begin taking back the House!

In the coming weeks we'll also begin putting into action the valuable instruction we received from Dillon Iwu this past Saturday, as our Swing District Elections team is already organizing voter-registration and canvassing excursions into Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley -- otherwise known as CA-25, the district of the extremely vulnerable Rep. Steve Knight. Just a few thousand extra Democratic votes would have swung that district in 2016, and it's our job to help find them and turn them out for 2018! 

Get Your Signs Ready!
Next week begins a succession of protests that will enable activists to put into action the lessons learned during our February general meeting's training on activism at high-visibility events. On Wednesday, April 12, Indivisible: Conejo's Gun Violence Prevention team is partnering with the Indivisible group in Simi Valley to sponsor a rally at Rep. Knight's Simi Valley office, protesting the congressman's knee-jerk support of the NRA and of laws that allow guns to get into the hands of those who should not have them. 

The Trump Taxes Day March is on Saturday, April 15, and the March for Science is Saturday, April 22; both begin in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. The following Saturday, April 29, the L.A. offshoot of the People's Climate March will begin in the L.A. Harbor area, calling attention to a massive expansion of the Tesoro Refinery that will have global climate change impacts. Please see the Calendar for details on all these events.

More Opportunities to Make Your Voice Heard
Our Indivisible compatriots in Simi Valley launched an impressive Letters-to-the-Editor deluge in late March, placing more than a half-dozen letters in a single issue of the Simi Valley Acorn concerning Rep. Knight's ill-timed, obnoxiously located, and fact-free Town Hall earlier that month. In the wake of the training our activists received during Sunday's general meeting, our Issue Action Teams will devote parts of their upcoming meetings to discussing ways in which we can similarly engage in public advocacy. Team members have been conducting valuable research into the issues facing the nation, and the Trump administration's disastrous approaches to most of them. Now it's time to put that knowledge to use, and share it with others! Look for a couple of examples in this week's Thousand Oaks Acorn.
With All of This Going On...
We promise that Indivisible: Conejo is only going to become more active in resisting the Trump agenda, and preparing for 2018, as the weeks go by. We need help mobilizing our activists for all these calls, protests and other activities. Are you a natural motivator? Please consider applying to join our leadership team in the role of mobilizing team leader! If you're interested, please fill out this application.

Mark Your Calendars!

Upcoming Action Team Meetings

Last Week's Daily Action Items

News from the Issue Action Teams

Rights for People with Disabilities
Cindy Liu, a noted local advocate for kids with developmental disabilities, is launching our newest Issue Action Team, Rights for People with Disabilities. Cindy recently returned from a lobbying trip to Washington, DC, has given a TEDx talk on advocating for her daughter, and recently receivedrecognition for her joint business venture Black Sheep Foods. To get involved with the team, use this form to help select a meeting date that works for you.

Gun Violence Prevention
The Gun Violence Prevention team met on March 30 and discussed pending legislation that could weaken California's strong gun laws -- including the current effort to force all states to recognize concealed-carry permits from any state -- and endanger the lives of our citizens. Gun trafficking, and the importance of tracing guns used to commit crimes, also were discussed. The team considered effective ways to counter lawmakers who consistently block attempts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The team solidified plans to rally at Rep. Steve Knight's office in Simi Valley on April 12 (see Calendar for details).

Women's & Reproductive Rights
During its meeting on April 3, the Women's & Reproductive Rights team planned its participation in upcoming rallies, including the May Day protest co-sponsored by the Women's March organization, and a Planned Parenthood rally on May 14. Both will be held in downtown L.A. Additionally, the team approved its Mission Statement for the Indivisible: Conejo website.

Swing District Elections
The Swing District group held its first phone bank for Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate running in Georgia's 6th district, on April 3. See the Calendar for dates of upcoming phone banks. On April 2, just before the Indivisible: Conejo general meeting, Swing District team members had lunch with Dillon Iwu, the inspiring campaign organizer from SeaChange PAC. Members received an inside look at canvassing, campaigning for 2018, and what other groups are doing to activate voters. Soon, team members will be meeting with their subgroups to coordinate tasks.