Indivisible: Conejo Weekly Newsletter

The California Values Act: It's Why We Fight!

A Message from Jennifer Eis

This past week marked an odd and unexpected anniversary for me. It was on May 11, 2016, that I began volunteering full time to elect a Democrat to the White House. After the California primary I was hired by the campaign, beginning an adventure filled with 100-hour work weeks and occasional 48-hour, 700-mile days (hello, Vegas!). 

Then November 8 arrived, and it was clear that taking a break from the political sphere wasn't going to be an option for a long time. 

I suspect that you share this sense of being on a road you didn’t anticipate traveling. If so, you may share another feeling with me: exhaustion--but, along with it, the knowledge that being tired isn’t an option. There are miles to go before we sleep. 

That’s why it’s encouraging to be able to advocate for legislation occasionally—and why it’s vital for us, as Californians, to stand with the progressives in our state legislature as they create policies to combat the Trump administration and congressional Republicans.

The theme of Sunday’s Indivisible: Conejo General Meeting—advocating passage of SB54, the California Values Act—presents just such an opportunity.

It fills me with rage that an ignorant man, who has never worked as hard over his entire life as a single migrant farmworker does in a day, has the nerve to insult that worker. The anti-immigrant fear-mongering and deliberate distortions of the Administration’s cronies disgust me, and they insult my intelligence. And I am furious that our neighbors in this county - honest, gainfully employed people trying to live their lives with the dignity and safety you and I take for granted - are being targeted by racist policies intended to distract people from the real, and complicated, economic challenges we face.

I want my neighbors protected from radical federal immigration policies, and SB54 is one way to accomplish that.

We need to make that case to Jacqui Irwin, our Assembly member for the Conejo Valley as well as Camarillo and Oxnard. And that gets me up in the morning these days, ready to fight. We must convince her that the community of migrant workers and other Latino immigrants in Ventura County, regardless of their immigration status, are her constituents, and are people she must protect. 

I remember watching a suburban city council meeting a decade ago, focused on approving a new skateboard park. A councilwoman kept talking about pushing the park to the edge of the city, to protect the community from the type of people who would frequent the new park. Then a citizen used her three minutes to remind the council that those people are kids like her son, and she wanted him to feel safe and protected within the city, not marginalized and distanced. 

That’s what we need Assemblymember Irwin to recognize: that those of us on the east side of our county, with its pleasant suburbs and wealthy demographic, don’t want our neighbors to the west marginalized and distanced from us. We want them safe and protected within our county. They are her constituents to protect, and her vote on SB54 needs to reflect that. 

These are the fights that are going to keep us going until our journey is finished; this is why we joined the struggle in the first place. Please RSVP for the meeting here, and join us on Sunday and as we move forward with this advocacy, and make your voice heard loud and clear.

Two Ways to Help

Win Back the House!


1. Voter Registration in Simi Valley, Saturday, May 27, 8:45 a.m. - 1 p.m., meeting at Vallarta Market (Los Angeles Ave. near First Street). Wendy Blommendahl of the Simi Valley Democratic Club is organizing this dual tabling & canvassing event, with tables at Vallarta Market and Valley Produce (in Mountain Gate Plaza). Please RSVP for one or both of two shifts: 8:45-11 a.m. or 10:45 a.m.-1 p.m. Spanish-speaking volunteers are greatly needed! Please RSVP here for the first shift, and here for the second, and contact Wendy if you require training in voter registration before the event.

2. Host a phone bank for special-election candidates Jon Ossoff (Georgia) and Archie Parnell (South Carolina). These progressives are running in the special congressional elections on June 20. As host, you provide a working area and wifi for the phone bankers; the phone bank captain will train and manage the event, and volunteers will bring snacks and drinks. It’s easy, a great way to meet people, and the calls are important to swinging these districts blue! Sign up here to host a phone bank event for these crucial elections.

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