Indivisible: Conejo Weekly Newsletter

                         County Indivisibles Offer Allyship, Activism at Ventura Beachfront Pride     Ventura's annual Pride Festival on August 19 offered a panoply of sights,   sounds   and tastes -- and, for the first time this year, the county's Indivisible groups offered attendees an opportunity to learn about Trump-era activism. The Indivisible booth was staffed by representatives of the Conejo,   Ventura   and Ojai groups, who chatted up   passers-by   and handed out stickers, buttons and congressional call sheets. 

                         County Indivisibles Offer Allyship, Activism at Ventura Beachfront Pride

Ventura's annual Pride Festival on August 19 offered a panoply of sights, sounds and tastes -- and, for the first time this year, the county's Indivisible groups offered attendees an opportunity to learn about Trump-era activism. The Indivisible booth was staffed by representatives of the Conejo, Ventura and Ojai groups, who chatted up passers-by and handed out stickers, buttons and congressional call sheets. 


Indivisible: Conejo Is
Gearing Up for Election Season!

Registering voters, issues canvassing, phone banking, signing on to a candidate’s campaign, perhaps even running for office yourself: This fall, Indivisible: Conejo activists will find plenty of ways to change the political landscape. After spending three-quarters of this year enduring disappointing special-election results and stomach-churning national crises, it finally begins in earnest -- our electoral fight to take back our country in 2018.

This fall we’ll participate in one of the most hotly contested election seasons in memory. Candidates have declared notably early, and voter registration efforts are far more energetic than usual for a mid-term election. Indivisible: Conejo members have a range of choices for helping to keep Ventura County blue or flipping nearby red districts, as elections both local and national begin to heat up.

Only you know which issues concern you most, or in what way you are happiest contributing. For our part, Indivisible: Conejo is leading the charge on many fronts, and one of them may be your path for this election cycle. Plus, it helps that these activities are fun, emotionally satisfying, and undertaken with good people of like mind.

For our activists who are angered by Congressman Steve Knight’s voting record on healthcare in our neighboring Congressional District 25 (Simi Valley to Antelope Valley), we offer the chance to actively work to unseat him. We’ve accepted a challenge from the Simi Valley Democratic Club to adopt their September 2 Day of Action and register voters with them. We’ve committed to marching 50 of our volunteers over the hill to staff their registration tables and walk their canvass with them.

This Labor Day-weekend event focuses, appropriately enough, on the economic issues that affect our neighbors in Simi Valley. Without our help, those issues won’t be addressed by a congressperson who cares about the residents of the 25th. So if your hot-button issue is advancing a progressive economic agenda for Americans, here’s an excellent opportunity to kick off your election season. Are you willing to commit to our September 2 ‘Day of Action’ with Simi Valley Democratic Club? The 25th won’t flip itself; please RSVP now.

Perhaps you were appalled by the attempt by reactionaries on the Conejo Valley Unified School District's board of trustees to impose an instructional ban on Sherman Alexie’s award-winning novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Three of those school board seats are up for re-election in November 2018. Are you the person who will run to defeat Mike Dunn and John Andersen? Or maybe you’d like to work on the campaign for someone who does? We’ve put together an excellent program for our September General Meeting, scheduled for Sunday, September 10, to provide practical guidance and inspiration for those thinking of running for elected office, and for the volunteers who will support them.

Keynoted by Congresswoman Julia Brownley, our meeting features an all-star panel of electeds from the county, city and school board to help you take the next step. We’ll provide information about running for the elected positions open in 2018, from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to the U.S. Congress. We need progressive voices at all levels of government – and we need progressive volunteers willing to work hard for their election to those positions. You can RSVP here for the General Meeting.

Then, midway through this first month of the traditional campaign season, Indivisible: Conejo once again will take the fight to Republican Congressman Devin Nunes’ district when we register voters at the Tulare County Fair September 16 and 17. Did you watch in horror this April, as Nunes colluded with the White House to obstruct the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia? If so, this is a golden opportunity to register voters who will elect someone other than this Trump toady who, to date, still hasn’t condemned the Nazi violence in Charlottesville.

Is voter suppression the issue that angers you most? In that case, join us in Nunes' district, where he is part of an established agribusiness power structure that has long worked to suppress the vote of Hispanic neighbors and employees, resulting in the lowest voter-registration levels in California -- all so they can keep their hands on agricultural subsidies while abusing their farmworkers. Perhaps you just want to make sure we progressives fight every California district as hard as we can, refusing to roll over in traditional Republican strongholds. The demographics in CD22 are on our side if we can register the district's disenfranchised communities. If any of these issues make you angry, then come with us to do the work of flipping the 22nd district: you can RSVP here.

Rounding out September, we’ll resume phone banking -- targeting this November’s races for Utah's 3rd congressional district (Jason Chaffetz' old seat), Virginia's governor, and the Virginia and New Jersey state legislatures. Over this past year, we've learned how to phone bank remotely for progressives around the country. If face-to-face canvassing isn’t your thing, then having a personal conversation by phone with voters in other parts of the country is the next best thing. When it comes time to get out the vote for these candidates, our phone banks will be part of creating their margin of victory.

Since January, more than 1,600 of you have joined Indivisible: Conejo to resist the Trump agenda. Together, we've been training, learning, marching, calling ... and waiting. We don't have to wait any longer! The election season is beginning, and each of us is now free to choose our causes, our candidates, and our own ways to contribute. We are honored to be on this journey with you.


Indivisible: Conejo
September General Meeting

Sunday, September 10, 10 a.m. - noon
Lundring Event Center, CLU campus, Thousand Oaks

Featuring Special Guest Speaker

Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA)

Plus Special Panel

"All Politics is Local:
How We’ll Run, Engage & Win in 2018"

Featuring Distinguished Panelists

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks
Thousand Oaks City Councilwoman Claudia Bill-de la Peña
CVUSD Trustee Betsy Connolly

Our activism makes a difference every day – but if we really want to create progressive change in our community and across this country, we must embrace the hard work required to win in 2018 and beyond! Join Indivisible: Conejo and an all-star lineup of guests who’ll discuss what it takes to run for and hold local office, and how to support candidates up and down the ballot. We’ll talk about filing papers, walking precincts, running phone banks … and, yes, raising money … all the struggles, risks and rewards of campaigning (for yourself or others) and engaging in public service. We’ll also have information on the elected positions on the ballot next year, at every level of government. PLEASE RSVP to reserve your seat at what's sure to be a heavily attended event!



News from the Issue Action Teams

Is there a group below whose work you'd like to join? Take a moment to fill out our "Join Us" form so you can stay in touch with the issues that concern you.

Immigrants' Rights
Last week marked the 10th anniversary of DACA; and, next week, with an expected Assembly vote on SB54 by the end of September, the team is focused on countering Ventura County Sheriff Dean's opposition to the bill, and will revisit Assemblywoman Irwin with our petition signatures. Join us 8/30 for our rally at the Ventura County Government Center (see calendar). If you haven't yet turned in your signatures, please email jennifer, to arrange pick-up.

LGBTQ+ Rights
Indivisible: Conejo volunteers had a great time at our booth at the Ventura Pride Festival on August 19 - see write-up above. We encourage all team members to attend the CVUUF event this Saturday to hear from international transgender activist Dr. Kalki Subramaniam.

Help us celebrate the end of summer and plan for our work this fall - take a moment to RSVP (above) to our next get together September 6th. We are looking forward to reconnecting and re-energizing the fight for our environment.

Gun Violence Prevention
Please plan to attend our next meeting on 8/31 for an update on upcoming California legislation and writing postcards to Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin encouraging her to support a critical pending gun violence prevention bill.

Disability Rights
This week, RiseUp4Healthcare is fighting the Graham-Cassidy-Heller repeal bill, focusing on lobbying John McCain to stand firm against the block grants to replace Medicaid expansion & marketplace subsidies and the Medicaid per-person caps that would result in deep cuts to traditional Medicaid. Follow us on #RiseUp4Healthcare.


Come to the Fair!
September 16/17 CD22 Voter Registration Drive Overnight in Tulare

Come with Indivisible: Conejo and our cosponsors on our third monthly canvass to help register voters in the 22nd California Congressional District - that's right, the district of the Russia-cover-up-colluding, hasn't-had-a-single-town-hall, doesn't-condemn-Nazi-violence, suddenly-vulnerable Republican Congressman Devin Nunes! And, now that we're hitting the Fall, it's cooling down and we're hitting the high season for voter registration. 

For the 9/16-17 canvass, we'll be registering voters at the Tulare County Fair in the Visalia Democratic Club's booth! We'll also have walking canvass shifts with NextGen, as well, so that we can get out to the unregistered voters in the county. Our team will be able to alternate walking and tabling shifts. For details on the weekend, including shift schedules, carpools, meals, and accommodations, visit our RSVP form.

Fresno, Tulare and Visalia are hot, the work is tough, and the drive is long: but the ground game is the only way to flip this district. In this historically disenfranchised area, they need and appreciate our help to tip the scales. Let's show Trump what #Resist #Indivisible really looks like!

If you love the idea, but can't go with us, we welcome donations of Subway gift cards to buy lunch for the canvassers. You can order an electronic gift card HERE. Plus, this month, we're in need of tickets to the Fair to cover admission costs for our booth volunteers. Adult tickets are $9, plus a $1 online fee. To donate an Adult Fair ticket, visit the Tulare County Fair ticket site HERE. For Subway giftcards and Fair tickets, you can email the e-giftcard or online ticket to Thank you, thank you for supporting our efforts - we are so grateful you care about flipping this district! The volunteers are always incredibly touched by your kindess.