Indivisible: Conejo Weekly Newsletter

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Indivisible Activism Heats Up
As Summer's End Nears

Our federal and state legislatures were in recess during the "dog days" of August, but that didn't stop Indivisible: Conejo activists from turning up the heat. On Saturday, August 26, the Indivisible / Nevertheless, We Persist March (top) brought together representatives of dozens of local groups from the L.A. area -- including Conejo, Ventura, Ojai and Simi Valley Indivisibles. That evening, Dr. Kalki Subramaniam (shown, bottom left, with Indivisible: Conejo activist Celia Sandhya Daniels) shared stories of her lifetime of activism nurturing India's transgender community, during an event we co-sponsored with the Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. And on Wednesday, August 30, protesters gathered near the Ventura County Jail to support SB 54, California's "Sanctuary State" bill, and to protest county Sheriff Geoff Dean's truth-challenged opposition to it. Activists from numerous organizations county-wide joined the rally, which was organized by our Immigrants' Rights team leader, Julie Diaz Martinez (shown at bottom right).

Immigrants' Rights Battles Take Center Stage

As Federal, CA Policies Come into Focus

The security of millions of Californians, as well as immigrants nationwide, hangs in the balance as key immigration measures head for resolution in Sacramento and Washington in early September. Even as California's state assembly nears a vote on SB 54, the bill that would designate ours as a "Sanctuary State" and limit state agencies' cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, President Trump and congressional Republicans are considering whether or not they'll strip protections from nearly 800,000 DREAMers who were brought to this country as children.

Our activism on both these fronts is critical during the coming weeks! Ventura County is home to a large population of undocumented immigrants -- most of whom have been here for years, have worked hard and built families and become a vital part of our economy and culture. Here in the Conejo Valley, it is crucial that suburbanites demonstrate that support for immigrants is not merely a priority among Hispanics. It is a moral imperative that we affirm our respect for our neighbors and resist the Trump administration's extremist and dehumanizing policies toward immigrants.

Indivisible: Conejo activists have continued our push on SB 54 throughout the summer, heating up in August with a flurry of letters to the editor, followed by a rally on Wednesday (see photo above), responding to Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean's dishonest campaign against the bill. Dean has published a series of opinion pieces in local newspapers repeating false information about the bill -- insisting it will allow violent felons to roam free (which it will not) and that its limits on police cooperation with ICE will result in federal agents trolling our communities for potential deportees (which is already happening under Trump). 

Our advocacy on behalf of SB 54 will continue straight through the assembly vote, which is expected before September 15. We'll keep pressing Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin, who is heavily influenced by Dean and still refuses to support the bill, as well as Governor Jerry Brown, who has expressed alarming ambivalence about SB 54 in its current form.

One dramatic way to show support for the bill is to participate in an ACLU-sponsored, midnight-to-midnight road trip to Sacramento next Thursday, September 7. The day will include an early-morning vigil at the governor's mansion; a rally outside the HQ of the California Sheriffs Association; lobbying in the capitol ... and perhaps, if the timing is right, an opportunity to witness the state assembly's vote. Transportation is free, via buses departing from Oxnard or Los Angeles, and meals will be provided. Please sign up! 

Meanwhile, President Trump is expected to announce by the middle of next week, if not today (September 1), that he will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that was implemented via executive order by President Obama. That decision will put the fates of nearly 800,000 DREAMers at risk, and will demonstrate once again his devotion to his core supporters' extreme, white-nationalist ideology.

We must not allow such an immoral and unpopular (supported by a slim minority of Americans, but by most of Trump's base) policy choice to go unchallenged! Indivisible: Conejo is co-sponsoring an emergency rally to support DACA this evening (Friday, September 1) from 7-8 p.m. at Oxnard Plaza Park, located at 500 South C Street in Oxnard. Please plan to attend, bringing signs and your loudest voice to support our immigrant neighbors and oppose Trump's inhumanity!

If and when Trump does dump DACA, we will resume lobbying our senators and congresspersons to pass the "DREAM Act," which would codify DACA in law. We will do so via calls and emails, letters to the editor, further rallies and marches -- every means at our disposal. Please watch for more DACA-related Daily Actions during the days and weeks to come -- and let's show the nation that we are Indivisible with our immigrant countrymen!

Just added: State Sen. Henry Stern!

September meeting with Stern.png

Indivisible: Conejo
September General Meeting

Sunday, September 10, 10 a.m. - noon
Lundring Event Center, CLU campus, Thousand Oaks

Featuring Special Guest Speakers

Rep. Julia Brownley
State Sen. Henry Stern

Plus a Special Panel

"All Politics is Local:
How We’ll Run, Engage & Win in 2018"

Featuring Distinguished Panelists

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks
Thousand Oaks Mayor Claudia Bill-de la Peña
CVUSD Trustee Betsy Connolly

Our activism makes a difference every day – but if we really want to create progressive change in our community and across this country, we must embrace the hard work required to win in 2018 and beyond! Join Indivisible: Conejo and an all-star lineup of guests who’ll discuss what it takes to run for and hold local office, and how to support candidates up and down the ballot. We’ll talk about filing papers, walking precincts, running phone banks … and, yes, raising money … all the struggles, risks and rewards of campaigning (for yourself or others) and engaging in public service. We’ll also have information on the elected positions on the ballot next year, at every level of government. PLEASE RSVP to reserve your seat at what's sure to be a heavily attended event!




Come to the Fair!
September 16/17 CD22 Voter Registration Drive Overnight in Tulare

Come with Indivisible: Conejo and our cosponsors on our third monthly canvass to help register voters in the 22nd California Congressional District - that's right, the district of the Russia-cover-up-colluding, hasn't-had-a-single-town-hall, doesn't-condemn-Nazi-violence, suddenly-vulnerable Republican Congressman Devin Nunes! And, now that we're hitting the Fall, it's cooling down and we're hitting the high season for voter registration. 

For the 9/16-17 canvass, we'll be registering voters at the Tulare County Fair in the Visalia Democratic Club's booth! We'll also have walking canvass shifts with NextGen, as well, so that we can get out to the unregistered voters in the county. Our team will be able to alternate walking and tabling shifts. For details on the weekend, including shift schedules, carpools, meals, and accommodations, visit our RSVP form.

Fresno, Tulare and Visalia are hot, the work is tough, and the drive is long: but the ground game is the only way to flip this district. In this historically disenfranchised area, they need and appreciate our help to tip the scales. Let's show Trump what #Resist #Indivisible really looks like!

If you love the idea, but can't go with us, we welcome donations of Subway gift cards to buy lunch for the canvassers. You can order an electronic gift card HERE. Plus, this month, we're in need of tickets to the Fair to cover admission costs for our booth volunteers. Adult tickets are $9, plus a $1 online fee. To donate an Adult Fair ticket, visit the Tulare County Fair ticket site HERE. For Subway giftcards and Fair tickets, you can email the e-giftcard or online ticket to Thank you, thank you for supporting our efforts - we are so grateful you care about flipping this district! The volunteers are always incredibly touched by your kindess.