Indivisible: Conejo Weekly Newsletter

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Postcard Party Gets Activists Fired Up for VA in '17, USA in '18

Nearly two dozen Indivisible: Conejo activists turned out at Pitfire Pizza in Westlake on a scorching indian-summer Tuesday night, excited to engage in one of our favorite forms of advocacy: a Postcard Party! Over two hours they penned 200 postcards to send to voters in Virginia's southeastern and southwestern corners -- specifically, the city of Norfolk and the tiny town of Appalachia (population 1,654). The party was one element of Indivisible: Conejo's extensive effort to turn Virginia's state legislature blue when voters go to the polls there on Nov. 7. We'll be continuing those efforts with phone banks on Saturday, Oct. 28, and Thursday, Nov. 2, and then with Get-Out-The-Vote marathons Nov. 5-7; see the calendar for details and please RSVP! All these calls & cards are helping us prepare for our electioneering throughout 2018, as part of our "365 Days to Victory!" campaign.

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Indivisible: Conejo's November Meeting
Saturday, November 4, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.:

Charting a Course Toward

A Progressive Future!


A Message from Gina and Jon

It's all been leading up to this.

During Indivisible: Conejo's first nine months, we've worked together on a daily basis to confront the concurrent horror shows of Trump's behavior and Republican policymaking. We have made thousands of phone calls to our Members of Congress (and to state and local officials); we have protested in the streets; we have spoken out in city council, county supervisor and school board meetings; we have met (sometimes congenially, sometimes contentiously) with our elected officials in their offices; and we have worked quietly, behind the scenes, to effect change. We've proven so effective that, six weeks ago, our elected officials came to us -- for a September general meeting we won't soon forget.

We've also dipped our toes into the waters we'll be sailing for the next year. We've sat at tables and knocked on doors in Simi Valley, in Santa Clarita, in Palmdale -- even in Fresno and Visalia and Tulare -- registering voters and talking about issues and candidates. We've made thousands of phone calls to California's 25th congressional district, to Georgia's 6th district, and (over the last month) all across Virginia. (Those VA calls, seeking to flip the state's legislature from red to blue, continue this weekend and next week with Get Out The Vote phone banks telling friendly Democrats when, where and how they can vote on Nov. 7; see the calendar for details and RSVP!)

We've seen a lot of success since January with this sustained campaign of advocacy. But all that activism has served merely as a precursor to the vital work that lies ahead, as we spend the next year in a marathon quest to oust conservative politicians who ignore the people's interests, and replace them with progressives who share those concerns. We're going to devote attention to campaigns and causes in the Conejo Valley, in nearby congressional districts ... and even across the nation, wherever our efforts can make a difference.

Planning this coming 12 months of Indivisible action is the focus of our "365 Days To Victory!" general meeting on Saturday, November 4, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Ullman Conference Center at CLU. (See the calendar listing in this newsletter, and RSVP!) Our Issue Action Teams have been preparing to set our agenda for 2018: which candidates we'll support (or oppose), which issues will draw our focus, and where and when we'll mobilize our resources to register voters, phone bank, canvass neighborhoods and engage in other forms of advocacy and electioneering.

At this general meeting we'll expand on the teams' work, and we'll ask you to help us plot a course to a progressive future. Your ideas, your values, and your effort have always been the essential ingredient in Indivisible: Conejo's success. Now we must double down on the energy that has brought us to this point -- the sustained activism that has defeated congressional attacks on healthcare, that has spurred our California legislators to pass a vigorous anti-Trump slate of laws, that has stopped local attempts to censor literature in our schools. This coming year, leading up to the 2018 elections, we all need to give more of ourselves than we already have. Our community, our state ... our nation is counting on us. Please join us next Saturday, and get ready to join this year-long fight for the soul of America!

Our Issue Action Teams Need You!

Check Out a Meeting, Join a Cause

For many of our fellow Indivisible: Conejo activists, our Issue Action Teams are already the central focus of your participation in the group. They allow us to focus on the issues and personalities that resonate most -- whether it's Healthcare, Immigrants' Rights, Women's & Reproductive Rights, Gun Violence Prevention, the Environment, First Amendment Rights or others. And they've served as our liaisons with the single-issue advocacy groups (Healthy California, the Brady Campaign, CAUSE, the National Coalition Against Censorship, and so many others) whose expertise we can supplement with our numbers and enthusiasm.

If you haven't yet joined a team ... or two, or five ... and participated in team meetings and actions, you're missing out on the extra level of organization and advocacy that has made Indivisible: Conejo one of the most influential progressive groups to start up in 2017. You're our most precious resource, and we need your involvement and activism if we're to succeed in 2018! Please visit (or revisit) the Join Us page on our website -- and by the way, if you've clicked the boxes and joined too many teams in the past, you can always go back and narrow your interests down to one (or two, or five).

Participating in the team meetings scheduled between now and Nov. 4 will allow your voice -- and your choices -- to help guide our plans for progressive victory next year! Please choose among the meetings below and RSVP!

  • DISABILITY RIGHTS: Sat., Oct. 28, 2:30 p.m. (RSVP)
  • WOMEN'S & REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: Sun., Oct. 29, 11 a.m. (RSVP)
  • EDUCATION: Mon., Oct. 30, 7 p.m. (RSVP)
  • LGBTQIA+: Wed., Nov. 1, 7 p.m. (RSVP)
  • ENVIRONMENT: Wed., Nov. 1, 7 p.m. (RSVP)