Indivisible: Conejo Weekly Newsletter

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Indivisible Leads Charge to Kill the #TrumpTaxScam

As the Republicans' tax-cut plan moved through the Senate after Thanksgiving, Indivisible groups nationwide rose to the challenge of battling against its passage, via calls to senators and a peer-to-peer phone bank that allowed activists from blue states to contact red-state progressives and encourage them to fight the bill. On a National Day of Action November 27, Indivisible activists from Ventura County and across the L.A. area gathered outside Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office to protest the bill's disastrous consequences for California's middle class, as well as for students, the poor, the sick, persons with disabilities, seniors and others. Many thanks to all the Indivisible: Conejo activists who have participated in these efforts!

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Sunday, December 17, 3-6 p.m.
Wade's Wines
30961 Agoura Road, Suite #321
Westlake Village
Please RSVP!

Celebrate the season with Indivisible friends old and new, as we commemorate our achievements this year and look forward to 2018. Stop by anytime & stay as long as you like! We'll be in the tasting area to the right of the main entrance, with a no-host bar featuring Wade's fantastic selection of wines & beers (cheese & charcuterie plates will be provided). Please RSVP by Tuesday, Dec. 12, so we can provide Wade's with an accurate head count. See you there!

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Postcard Parties for AL Senate Race
at Stonehaus, 11/30, 12/4 & 12/5

Alabama's special Senate election is coming up on December 12, and Indivisible: Conejo activist Joyce Miller is hosting afternoon Postcard Parties at the Stonehaus in Westlake Village. She and her guests are sending notes to voters, reminding them to vote for Doug Jones and ensure the defeat of fundamentalist/pedophile Roy Moore. She'll provide the cards -- you just need to bring 34-cent stamps and writing/drawing utensils.

Alabama's Democrats, to date, have not asked progressive groups from outside the state to engage in phone banks. If they request GOTV efforts, we'll be happy to help out. For now, these Postcard Parties are our opportunity to help Alabamans declare once and for all, #NoMoore! 

Stonehaus is located on the Westlake Village Inn property at 32039 Agoura Road.

Swing District Team To Fellow Indivisibles:



It's time to go on the offensive! On Nov 5, at Indivisible: Conejo's "365 DAYS TO VICTORY!" general meeting, the Swing District leadership team introduced its 365 Strategy and Mission Statement. It will spearhead our efforts to replace Trump-enabling conservatives with progressive leaders who will work toward a fairer and more equitable America.

At the local level, control of the Conejo Unified School Board is at stake in 2018, as well as seats on the Thousand Oaks City Council and numerous other important elected positions. At the county level, there will be contentious races for the Board of Supervisors and positions such as Registrar of Voters that could use more progressive thinking. Meanwhile, Jacqui Irwin's seat in the state legislature must be defended.

Most important, of course, is Congress. Republican control of the House hinges on just 24 seats nationwide -- and nine of the most flippable are right here in California! We need all hands on deck. 


  • Improve turnout for progressive candidates at the local and state levels (school board, city council, county offices, assembly, etc.)

  • Re-elect Rep. Julia Brownley (protect CA-26)

  • Work with the CA-25 coalition to flip the district & replace Rep. Steve Knight

  • Build a CA-21 coalition to flip the district & replace Rep. David Valadao

  • Help campaigns targeting other CA Republicans

  • Make Indivisible: Conejo available to help with national races

  • Develop an action calendar for the 365 days leading up to the election

Affect Races Locally and Nationwide
The Swing District team will continue to develop partnerships with activists, political organizations, Democratic clubs, and other progressives to help change the political landscape in the Conejo Valley, California, and nationally.

Improve Local Progressive Turnout & Re-Elect Brownley
Along with re-electing Julia Brownley, we are committed to turning out voters for progressive down-ballot candidates in the 26th district and surrounding areas. We are committed to changing the makeup of the Conejo Valley Unified School District's board of trustees, and to encourage and support progressive candidates for other positions. Indivisible: Conejo will monitor the voting records and behavior of city council and school board members who stand (and vote) against progressive values. We will work with issue-specific advocacy groups and other progressive groups, providing visibility and support for causes that match up with Indivisible: Conejo's agenda.

Work with the CA-25 Coalition to Flip District & Replace Rep. Steve Knight
The 25th District is our most important priority, outside of our own district. CA-25 includes Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley, and is currently represented by conservative Republican Steve Knight of Palmdale. Knight's record is largely unknown to his own constituents, and he is not prominent among Republicans nationwide. He has, however, consistently taken votes that are aligned with House speaker Paul Ryan. He has voted repeatedly to weaken consumer protections, threaten our air and water quality, unravel the safety net, and side with big business over American families.

Build a CA-21 Coalition to Flip District
CA-21 is quickly becoming an important priority for Indivisible: Conejo, as we are building a coalition to flip this farming district in the San Joaquin Valley that is currently represented by conservative Republican David Valadao. Latinos make up 77 percent of the population, yet Valadao won his 2016 election by 13 points. The Swing Districts team will be partnering with stakeholders in CA-21 to increase voter registrations and improve turnout.

Develop an Action Calendar
The Swing District team is developing an action calendar that will include neighborhood canvassing in CA-26, CA-25, CA-21 and elsewhere; community and voter registration events; phone banking and other activities.

If you have not already completed the Swing District team's activist survey, please do so -- it will help us identify Indivisible: Conejo members who are willing & able to engage in a variety of activities. You're also invited to sign onto the team's Facebook page, and to keep up with the calendar of election-related actions that we'll feature in this newsletter, on Facebook and elsewhere. Please invite a like-minded friend to participate in these activities with you!



News from the Issue Action Teams

Immigrants' Rights
Team members are engaged in a variety of activities related to the 2018 elections, as well as monitoring implementation of the California Values Act and other pro-immigrant laws passed by the state legislature this year. Team members will spend the day canvassing trip in the town of Hanford, in California's 21st congressional district, on Saturday, Dec. 2; activists interested in making the trip should contact Julie Martinez at (805) 660-6571. On November 20, team members attended a training session that engaged local law enforcement officials regarding SB 54, California's "sanctuary state" law, which will take effect on January 1. The team also is preparing an action supporting Dreamers for December 18, which is United Nations International Immigrant Day.

First Amendment
First Amendment team members are responding to the news that Newbury Park's Miller Family YMCA has been sold to fracking billionaire and far-right megadonor Dan Wilks, for the purpose of providing a new home to pastor/city councilman Rob McCoy's Godspeak Calvary Church. McCoy's apparent conflicts of interest are numerous as he benefits from Wilks' largesse: The Y property, which was completed with help from a $1 million grant from the Thousand Oaks city government, has been sold to Wilks at a substantial discount from its asking price. Meanwhile, the First Amendment team is closely monitoring, and planning follow-up actions in response to, the new CVUSD board policy requiring teachers to provide warnings to parents of the content in certain core-literature materials.

Healthcare / Disability Rights
Team leaders have re-engaged the #RiseUp4HealthCare campaign in response to Senate Republicans' decision to include a repeal of the Affordable Care Act's individual coverage mandate in their tax-cut plan. #RiseUp tweets, targeting wavering GOP senators, have sounded the alarm that persons with disabilities stand to lose substantial Medicaid and other health benefits under the tax plan as currently written. Meanwhile, the coverage-mandate repeal would result in more than 13 million Americans losing access to health insurance.