There’s no reason to feel nervous when calling a federal, state, or local elected official. There’s no need to trip over your tongue, either – not when you know your ask, have a little background information handy, and use a variant on one of the following scripts!

Don't worry, we'll provide topics, short scripts and background information and links in our Daily Actions. So you can have a stop resource for getting prepared.

A couple of short ones:

Hello! My name is ___________.  I am one of (senator’s name) constituents in ___________, California. My Zip code is _____ (note: they often ask). I'm calling today to ask Senator _______  to oppose the nomination of Trump's cabinet pick Scott Pruitt for Head of the EPA. Mr. Pruitt is an arch-enemy of the EPA! He has sued it on 14 separate occasions. He has spent his whole career taking the side of polluters over the public health, and over our planet’s well-being.

Hello! My name is __________, and I am one of Representative (name)’s constituents in _____________, California. My Zip code is ______. I’m calling to thank the congresswoman/man for demanding that the House of Representatives be allowed to debate and vote on the SOLVE Act – that’s H.R. 724 -- to rescind the president’s Muslim ban.  I want her to know we have her back!

Here’s a longer sample dialogue for a slightly more difficult call:

STAFFER: Congresswoman ___________’s office. How can I help you?

CALLER: Hi there! I’m __________, and I’m a constituent from ________________, California. May I please speak with the staffer who handles healthcare issues?

STAFFER: I’m happy to take down any comments you may have….

CALLER: May I ask who I’m speaking with?

STAFFER: This is Jeremy Smith.

CALLER: Thanks, Jeremy! I’m calling to ask how Rep. ___________ plans to vote on the Affordable Care Act. More than 60,000 residents of his district get their healthcare through ACA, and stand to lose their access to medical coverage if the law gets repealed.

STAFFER: Well, I really appreciate you calling and sharing your thoughts. I’m just a staff assistant, so I can’t speak for him, but I’ll pass your concerns along to him.

CALLER: I appreciate that, Jeremy, but I don’t want you to just pass along my concerns. I would like to know what the congressman plans to do now.

STAFFER: I’m afraid we don’t take positions on legislation that has not yet been filed.

CALLER: Why not? Republicans have been promising a plan to “replace” or “repair” the ACA for years now, but have come up with nothing of substance. The congressman must have some opinion on the subject.

STAFFER: We’re not ready to take a public position yet.

CALLER: Well, it’s about time you did. The well-being, even the lives of tens of millions of people across the nation depend on what Congress does on this issue.

STAFFER: I’ll pass that along.

CALLER: I find it unacceptable that Congressman ___________ refuses to let his constituents know how he stands on this issue. I’m going to let my family, my friends on social media, and the local newspapers know that I reached out to the congressman on this issue and couldn’t even get a straight answer. Goodbye.